The Tug of War #1

“You are important and valuable to the future of freedom in this world.”  We want to offer the world accurate descriptions of how freedom sings.  Yet, when you cannot see rainbows through the window of your wisdom, you know you are stuck in a box, surrounded by merciless guerrillas.  This is the tug of war between stories battling for control over each and every person.  There is great peace in the heart of the person who knows they have a purpose.  Keep singing.

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  1. DrGilgamesh says:

    Certainly, I am sorry to have disappointed you so completely. I have to doubt if I will ever be able to engage you in discussing your option and my opportunity to learn and grow smarter stronger better wiser. Perhaps you would be willing to teach? We need your input. Too many are lost, unaware.

    But thanks for the challenge. Sadly, I have found, that even with all of my blog boloney, I cannot “repair” anything. I cannot force your interest in new information. Your emotional anatomy is rigidly fixed inside your brain and cannot, perhaps even will not, allow new information into your thought process. Not until there is a need for greater flexibility will you ever find an interest in freedom to choose. By the time you are done reading these ideas, nothing is going to change. And yet I claim that despite your rigidity, you are still free to choose.

    I am happy for you that your life is without concerns right now. And I can agree with you that looking for personal attention is a very common trap. Finding ways of making the world a better place because you are here is much more quickly rewarding than whining. Your comment exposes a style of thinking that cannot see the rainbows. You are whining about whiners.

    I would love to adventure into conversation that could understand more clearly your concern for the whiners in this world. For me, I am attempting to offer a vocabulary that opens the doors to prison walls of all sorts to discover other options, including options for those stuck whining about whiners. Please help us understand your unique perspective on this trap.

    Who are you and what makes your life uniquely valuable to your children and future generations? It is not uncommon to discover that many people just don’t care. They quickly slam the door and return to their prison cell. Ouch. There are innumerable, potentially aggressive and cancerous concerns found within the wounded emotional anatomy of human kind. Just look at the news.

    We need a simple vocabulary that will help people think. Freedom vs Slavery. Which will you choose?

    I look forward to your response.

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