Tricked and Trapped

We choose freedom yet we act like slaves to human compulsions of all kinds. That means we are being tricked and trapped, even frustrated into that other part of our person only a special few may know exists.

When we are asked which we will choose, freedom or slavery, we choose freedom.   As our confidence grows in gratitude, we become more and more aware of emotions that get the better of us.  Doing our very best, we still get tricked and trapped by unfamiliar emotional anatomy.

Practicing “Rhythms of Gratitude” prepares us for the unexpected.  We are fighting for freedom, Thomas Jefferson’s legacy.  We are personally responsible to share this gift with the world.   What gets in the way?

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  1. Dina4now says:

    “Tricked and Trapped!” said the boy
    when the old woman opened the door.
    What she saw scared her,
    she nearly fell to the floor.
    She thought for a moment,
    was it the boy from next door?
    but this was a part she’d not seen before.
    The smallest of persons, dressed like a slave,
    with sorrow and frustration upon his face.
    The sign he wore hanging said “I choose freedom”.
    She reached for her bowls, she knew what to feed him.
    She held them out and said “which will you chose
    slavery or freedom? Perhaps a bowl of gratitude?
    ” I choose freedom” his hand reaching out
    but slavery’s large pieces left him in doubt.
    The boy became confused,
    Tricked and trapped, his emotions
    made it hard for him to choose.
    Then the old woman she knew what to do
    She put down two bowls and picked up gratitude.
    The boy reached out and took off his mask
    and into his mouth a taste that would last.

    And… the old woman says:

    ” Don’t forget gratitude,
    say thank you be polite,
    and share with the world
    what you found here tonight. Ha Ha Halloween

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