The Story of Freedom

Intelligently Designed.   The New Movie.   The Story of Freedom.   Inspires personal significance to the future of freedom in this world.   Without you, the story cannot be told to the others in your family, friendships or community.    The Magnificent Woman.

If we were free to choose, we would choose freedom.     Tricked and trapped by emotional reflexes out of our control, mood movies heap confusing, inaccurate, overwhelming stories upon us.   The Old Movies revisited.   Slavery.

Inspired by The Story of Freedom.   We practice our single breath relaxation because gratitude reboots the machine and gives us the chance to choose again.   Freedom to Choose, this time the better choice.   The Magnificent Woman.   Your best brings out the best in others.

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3 Responses to The Story of Freedom

  1. dina4now says:

    When I was a child,
    I talked like a child, I thought like a child,
    I reasoned like a child.

    When I became a woman
    I put childish ways behind me.

    Now I see but a poor reflexion in the mirror;
    then I shall see face to face
    Now I know in part;
    then I shall know fully, even as I am known. BIBLE: Corinthians 13:11

    There comes a time when we are required to choose. To choose the story of “the magnificent woman”, to put away the childish ways of selfishness, and to choose a future of significance in the story we want our children to tell. The woman makes a choice that benefits the many, the child can only choose from what she knows.

    Everything has been prepared for this choice through our life experiences. Yet some of us still act as children choosing to hang on to the entitlement of our emotional reflexes, familiar as we are with the “old movie” and the desire for change at the same time, tug of war. It’s out of control, tricked by thinking of our reactions as righteous indignation we move in irregular motions, no rhyme or reason just familiar.
    Example: I recently received a phone call from a dad who was quite upset about the exchange of toys between his son and mine, ( been here before in your own childhood)? He was very upset, using a vocabulary that provoked my triggers towards defensive thinking, and I was “on the line”. Because he did not want to be interrupted, he actually gave me that ” golden moment” to practice taking a breath, to sit back and let this thing play out. Just that small amount of time let some of my anxiety play out and I was able to just listen. Listening provided me with more information as well as a few choices. I interceded with, “I understand”, and with that looked for common ground. As the conversation came towards an end he relaxed and apologized for his aggression explaining some of the dynamics in
    his life that amounted to the frustrations he was feeling. He thanked me for listening.
    We concluded with the return of expensive toys and agreed to talk with our children about choices and the influences they have on each other.
    As I hung up the phone, feeling satisfaction, I noticed my son had been sitting there taking in the words of his parent, teacher. The look on his face was of gentle surprise as if he had been expecting a good fight to go down in his behalf. Instead “PONO,” ( to make right ) happened, in his behalf and in the behalf of others.
    I walked away feeling free, and satisfied with what my child was learning from me. Instead of carrying on the emotional “baggage” thru the day, I had the freedom to be present for whatever life would serve me next. I had made a choice and had taken the action required. Freedom is a choice that requires action, make the choice, do it in behalf of us all.
    “The best in you brings out the best in others.”

  2. Erin says:

    Wonderful example my sister! Freedom. The gift we have that shapes our lives. I am learning that my freedom of choice infact shapes my life immensely. I have the freedom to choose to think about the past ( familliar) which plays the guilt movie and tricks me into thinking thats going to happen again and in turn… it does, Or I have the freedom to choose to think about the future which plays the fear movie and I’m miserable, and I have the freedom to choose to think only about right here, right now, where everything is good and I experience peace. I have several things happening in my life that keeps giving me the cance to practice this and when I make the right choice…Life is Good I will need a little self discipline and practice at this Freedom.

  3. Dina4now says:

    Dearest Sister you are right on the mark. “think about the past and the guilt movies trick us” or “think about the future and the fear movie” freezes us. It seems life’s experiences start so young drawing on our interpretation and conclusions to create these movies. Yet I believe it is designed that way in the process of guiding us to being right where we are right now. We are right where we are supposed to be, in the present, so we can recognize, reinterpret, forgive, and heal. Even our desires change. But like the waters of life, the design is to eventually move forward. To have a vision, a “new movie”. Yeah, a 3D movie!

    I’m comfortable with one day at a time. It brings plenty to deal with and then some. I’m able to see more immediate results from making better choices in the moment. I grow a little more confident. I start to see my past differently, with a little more compassion for myself. I see the grace that was there and the miracle that I made it to this place. So…can I stay here? The past took so long and was so hard, whats to say I won’t fall into the past in the future?

    An example; For me the thought of getting into a relationship with a man is horrifying. Scares me to death. I’m comfortable being alone, it’s…peaceful. But it’s not my true hope and desire in life to live and die alone, closing myself off from love and being loved. My past is still taking hold of my future, no future at all in that regard. Unless.. I can create a new movie that can visualize love and being loved in a whole new light. Like an artist with the skills of many years painting on a new white canvas, ( ok, maybe a slightly soiled canvas,) and creating new colors from old ones. I practice loving God, I know I’m not good at it, but I practice receiving love from Him also. Slowly, lovingly, He is the master painter, teaching, guiding me forward to someday creating a masterpiece.

    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m right there with you sister, trying to stay focused, trying to make good choices, to do good will. Yet something propels me forward. Sometimes its even something from the past, like when we were little girls playing dress up and we were unafraid to imagine what it could be like. I love YOU

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