>Why did Gilgamesh think that eternal life would erase the memories of death

>and make him happy?

Dear R,

Belittled in death, my story retold for many years retells the tale of those who retold without understanding. Awestruck by creation, seeing clearly deaths door inviting challenges to our meaning in life. The beauty of Uruk proves The King of Uruk knew "meaning makes motivation". Utnapishtim taught me of fruit from the tree of life, a gift of freedom from his God's magnificent creation.   In vain and vanity, I wanted this for my people. They would not have it.  For the twenty-first century, I return to explain this "freedom", the eighth wonder of the world. Freedom to choose, freedom to think, freedom to live, again.  I cannot erase the memory of death in this world. This fruit from the tree of life is freedom so awesome, look forward in awe and wonder  to how magnificently we are made and live forever.
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