In the quest for Truth,

Mythology is story intentionally told to inspire future generations
to take over where ancestors leave off.
Freedom cannot be forced.

Truly "College preparation is life long preparation."  As educators, we are the keepers of the flame, protectors of intentional mythology, the personification of wisdom, we have life long leadership responsibility to present our students with story powerful enough to inspire their willingness to tell it again.

Our challenge goes beyond preparing students for success through the pursuit of personal passions via the interdisciplinary integration of ideas.  The human condition requires rewarding significance.  Mobilizing the heart, mind, body, and spirit is our charge.  We are inspired to provide the incubation of character necessary for our discovery of each persons unique place in contribution to the story of freedom.

In a bold stroke of leadership genius, recently Massachusetts Institute of Technology offered to the world, open access via the world wide web to nearly all its course material.  At a news conference Wednesday, April 4, 2001, MIT President, Charles M. Vest announced the new program known as MIT OpenCourseWare.  "Real education requires interaction, the interaction that is part of American teaching.  We think that OpenCourseWare will make it possible for faculty here and elsewhere to concentrate even more on the actual process of teaching, on the interactions between faculty and students that are the real core of learning."

Meaning and purpose form cornerstones for normal human neuroanatomic organization.  Individual freedom to choose from the innumerable offerings of imagination challenges educators to provide visionary leadership, people are the product of freedom.   DNA is our admission ticket to life long participation in this intelligently designed explosion of human imagination.   Let us cultivate our courage to communicate the language of this vision, intelligent design.


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